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a global ad network specializes in Performance based marketing and advertising. As a leading and a growing company, our strength lays in the partnerships we build between publishers and advertisers. An In-house platform that delivers campaign profitability and success. With Combined partnerships, technology and highly qualified professionals, you can be sure that GermaniaMED is one of the leading advertising & publishing Ad networks around the world.


Video Display

at GermaniaMED we deliver exactly what our supply & demands partners desire in terms of the best video pre-roll inventory across the world, most brand safe pre-roll campaigns which seeks for its success and maximum reach through the most visited websites from our Direct publisher pool.

Mobile web

Mobile advertising solutions that knows how to reach targeted user with the best offer.
GermaniaMED is your POC of access to some of wide plate sources of premium and direct mobile display inventory as well as well known SSP market places via different technologies.


Mobile InApp

Using our pool of Apps in both environments and SDK’s we have the ability to deliver our Demands the best and high quality Traffic directly from the App developer, as well as for our Supply partners (App Owner/ Developer) we provide the high filling campaigns and maximum CPM’s.


GermaniaMED recently succeed to on-board a lot of CTV Supplies in order to be on top of the industry and be able to fulfill the Demand requirements

Our In-House platforms

As we are seeing the world change faster than the businesses fueling it, we believe this is a critical time to build value in brands.

Brands deliver customer a value. Brands make businesses grow. While the marketing solutions of today make it easier than ever to accomplish customers, achieving business growth and customer value in the course of brand building has never been trickier. Our Development team is working really hard to accomplish the advertisers requirements in order to provide the best Platform available.
Display Impressions
Mobile Impressions

Why We Are Different


Dedicated Media Manager

we dedicate a personal media manager which provides unexceptional support and to gives a transparent POV  on what’s works best for you


Brand Protection

We act as a brand shield for you with industry measurement guidelines and quality control tools and anti-fraud ad filters to save your brand.


Video Traffic

Pure In-Stream and Traffic from Top-Tier with our best Collection of Eye-Catching Videos, Images and Media Playing Technologies which are top level enhanced,in addition to a full transparency.


High Yield

We provide an advanced marketplace that gives you range and coverage across a wide range of ad formats and geographies along with personalized support which gives you the advantage in the marketplace, higher eCPMs and immediate monetization.

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